What is Retinol?

Vitamin A and skin

There is a miraculous substance available in war against aging. It is something that was discovered some 80 years ago. At one time, it was only available by prescription from a doctor. If I told you that this is now readily available without prescription, would you like to know what it is? Well, of course you would, so hang on and read all about it. The substance I am talking about is:


Puritan Pride retinol cream
Anti aging Retinol cream

If you spent any time in search of, how to get smoother skin, you have without a doubt, heard of,  or read about Retinol. So, what exactly is Retinol? It is a derivative of Vitamin A, along with Retin A, which is a brand name for Retinoic Acid, and available by prescription, to treat severe case of acne due to its strength. Retin A was notorious for making skin dry, flaky, red, and irritated. At prescription strength, it is advisable to be used at night, to give skin a chance to recover. Owing to its very small molecule, Retin A easily penetrates all layers of skin, speeding up cell turnover and exfoliation. This is essential to keeping your skin youthful.

Researchers recently found that Retinol, a milder form of Retinoic Acid can give the same benefits, albeit over a longer period of time, without the harsh effects of Retinoic Acid. It was discovered that skin cells will hold onto the Retinol until Retinoic Acid is needed, and only release the right amount. However, Retinol was unstable, meaning it would quickly lose its effectiveness. With new technology available, it is now possible to stabilize Retinol by combining it with other ingredients, thus making it more stable and more effective, longer. For that reason, pick a product that comes in aluminum tube, to protect it from air and light.

When it comes to, keeping my skin rejuvenated, I love to apply facial masks weekly. I am going to share a recipe for one that I especially like:

Banana/Honey Face Mask

1 ripe banana => 1Tbsp organic honey => Few drops of orange juice

Mash banana, then mix together with honey and orange juice. Apply to face, avoiding eye area. Cover your eyes with cotton pads moistened with Witch hazel. Leave on for about 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Apply Vitamin A cream. This face mask is great moisturizer, not to mention almost good enough to eat! Try it, you will love it!

As much as I love homemade facial masks, sometimes it’s just easier to buy a good quality commercial product. So, make sure you have some Retinol-containing products along with Vitamin A cream in your medicine cabinet. They are a must in your anti-aging regimen.


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