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Aging process starts when your stem cells start to erode, causing body aches, loss of energy and vitality, less resistance to diseases. We all know about embryonic stem cells, which are “original”,

cells that can be programed for specific functions. This technology can be beneficial in curing diseases, but so far is illegal in North America.
Rose hipsDid you know about the other stem cells, namely, plant stem cells? While there is still much debate going on about the efficacy of these stem cells, many cosmetic companies have been jumping on the plant stem cell bandwagon. They are derived from plants and fruits that stay fresh a long time. Popular choices at the moment are specific types of grapes, rose buds, swiss apple, argan and more. Surely you have heard of Cindy Crawford’s melon from south of France?
Plant stem cells renew themselves, thus stimulating cell turnover in your skin. They neutralize free radicals. Contain antioxidants, and we know antioxidants are just as beneficial on the outside as they are on the inside. They slow down degradation of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which we now know makes our skin plumper and structurally stronger and more resilient.
My opinion on this matter is: we know how beneficial fruit is in our diet, so how can it not be beneficial to our skin?

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