Petroleum in cosmetics

cosmetics mineral oilBased on this title, you are probably thinking: not on your life!!! You’ve more than likely read reports that petroleum products contain PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) known to cause cancer and damage to DNA. But wait a minute; petroleum is made up two simple chemicals: hydrogen and

carbon. Industrial grade petroleum contains the dreaded PAHs, but cosmetic grade petroleum undergoes a refinement process that eliminates the PAHs and renders is harmless when applied topically. As such, petroleum based cosmetics have been approved for cosmetic use by FDA. There are two petroleum-based products used in cosmetics. They are petrolatum, or better known by its more common name, petroleum jelly, and mineral oil.

Petroleum jelly

• Effective in combating toenail fungus
• Preventing and healing diaper rash
• Prevents germs from entering cuts and burns by sealing the skin,  speeding up the healing
• Heals and prevents chapped lips and hands
• Used by long distance swimmers to keep their body heat in and prevent hypothermia

Mineral oil

• Commonly used in cold creams providing smooth application to the skin
• Medicinal balms, dressings and laxatives
• Skin softeners
• People with oily skin should avoid using mineral oil as it would be pore clogging

Both petroleum jelly and mineral oil are derivatives of petroleum. And what is petroleum? It is fossil fuel, made up of organic residue of plant and animal life. They don’t oxidize, and are long lasting and natural.

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