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Well, it’s a New Year, a new beginning, and time to start the New Year off on the right foot. The way that I like to kick off the New Year is by starting off with: health promoting body cleanse. Our food has been so chemically and genetically altered, it’s gotten really hard to stick to a natural way of eating. Try hard as I may, there are times I can’t stick to healthy eating habits. You know what I mean? I like to socialize, go out for coffee with buds, eat out every once in a while, and yes, I must admit that on occasion I like a Harvey’s burger!

That’s my favorite when it comes to burgers. The way I like it is with onions and tomatoes, and a salad. I  think that’s still a better choice than having greasy fries with it. Anyways, I digress…..back to body cleansing.

This time around, Acai fat burning body cleanse, is the product I am going to try. It’s a natural thermogenic health product that speeds up metabolism, thus burning body fat, in addition to cleansing. So, less fat and better clean is a positive step in achieving the feeling of well being. This Acai product cleanses the colon and intestines, and gets rid of the accumulated toxins in the body. It takes only about 8 hours or less for effects to start taking place, so it is a fast acting product. When body cleanse starts to take effect, it stirs up and churns up the buildup of the toxins within, giving the inside of the body a “scrubbed”, rejuvenating, light feeling. I normally use another brand of herbal cleanse, but this time around I thought I’d try something new and see if one is better than the other. I try to eat a lighter fare during the two week cleansing period to make sure cleansing has maximum effect. In addition to eating healthy, I make sure to drink plenty of water, although drinking enough water has never been my problem. Ensuring adequate water intake helps hydration, speeds up removal of toxins, aids in faster absorption of dietary nutrients, and promotes regularity.

Well, I’ve been into cleansing for a week now, and to be honest, I found no difference between my usual herbal body cleanse brand and the Acai berry.  Acai cleanse  accomplished as thorough  a cleanse as my other brand.   I like Puritan Pride products for their quality and prompt delivery.  As with any product, different people experience the same product in different ways, and that’s the reason for testing this product. Check it out.



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