Hyaluronic acid benefits joints

Hyaluronic Acid supplement

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Puritan Pride Supplement

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a naturally ocurring substance produced in your body. It is one of the components of the connective tissue of the eye and joint fluid. It provides lubrication and cushioning between joints, enabling smoother movements. So, it’s true that hyaluronic acid benefits joints. It is found in abundance in young people, and is well known for its ability to reverse and, slow down aging process.

The natural process of ongoing destruction of HA by your body is what starts the aging process at around age 40. By our mid-40’s, production of Hyaluronic Acid is only about one half of what is actually required by the body. Don’t worry though, because it is now possible to relieve the pain of arthritic conditions by stabilizing HA’s breakdown.

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

• Helps to heal superficial skin wounds, burns and tissue trauma
• Beneficial to joint health in supplement form
• Hydrates skin and hair
• Anti-inflammatory thus reducing joint pain
• As an effective antioxidant, HA protects joints from free radicals

How to protect your joints

Oh, my creaking joints! We’ve heard our parents say that many times. While it is not an exaggeration, because joint fluid is not as effective in absorbing shock and rendering smooth movement, it is important to note that prevention is the best medicine.
It’s not just age that deteriorates your joints. Even activities such as jogging and running, pounding and jarring over the years eventually add up to painful, worn joints. Remember aerobics, when they were the, be all, end all form of exercise? Well, guess what? A lot of people now suffer the consequences of that. There is a much gentler way to stay in shape. Swimming protects the joints from jarring movements, and even people with severely restricted mobility usually do well with water exercises. Water adds resistance and buoyancy at the same time, putting much less stress on aching joints. With less stress on the joints, you are much more likely to stick with a workout that doesn’t give you pain.
Supplements used in conjunction with proper exercise will contribute greatly to your joint health, and add up to a more rejuvenated you.
Have you tried replacing regular exercise with water workouts?

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10 thoughts on “Hyaluronic acid benefits joints

  1. Hey Gordi,
    This is something great to think about, Hyaluronic Acid Supplement.
    Many people especially the old folks are having knee joint problems. Some are even advised to undergo operation.
    But with this HA supplement, I would recommend anybody to give it a try first before undergoing any operation. For all you know, you might be saved from the operation.
    Thank you for sharing this great product.

  2. Hello Gordi, This sounds like a great product especially for those of us who are in the Baby Boomer generation. Can you tell me whether there are any known side effects from HA. I presently take multi-vitamins and cod liver oil tablets. very best wishes Mark

    1. Hello Mark
      HA is a naturally ocurring substance,and as long as you use it either as a cosmetic or a supplement, there are no harmful side effects. Thank you for reading this article.

  3. Hi Gordi- I enjoyed your article on Hyaluronic Acid. I have been aware of its properties on our joints such as lubrication and cushioning for some time now. I am also pleased to see you talk about the other wonderful properties of Hyaluronic Acid and of its healing effects for wounds and burns. Well done and well written-I also agree with you that swimming is a great full body exercise and one we all should use to our benefit!


  4. Hi Gordi..Really liked your post on Hyaluronic acid benefits. I’m 30 now and I feel pain in my knee. I do jogging on daily basis but now stopped because of joint pain. I didn’t know about water workouts are good in comparison to regular workouts. I now found an alternative to regular exercise. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. This is the supplement that I use myself, in hopes of preventing arthritis in the future. Hope your alternate strategies are going to work great, Demi. Oh, BTW, I used to jog too, but gave it up when I found out how hard it is on our knees

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