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orange peel skin celluliteI keep repeating myself by saying that true beauty comes from within, however, that being said, I also think that knowing that you look and feel your best by taking care of yourself physically, goes a very long ways in bringing out the inner beauty. Do we agree on that? Yeah, I thought we would. Cellulite is an ugly word, and even uglier to look at, but a sad reality for most women, young and old, skinny and fat alike. Have you ever wondered how to tame cellulite? I sure have. Well, here are some suggestions on :

How to reduce cellulite

So much of our food has been genetically altered, that it’s creating toxins in our bodies. All these toxic chemicals are stored in body fat in order to protect our vital organs. Stick to organic food as much as you possibly can. Organic food nourishes and detoxifies our system.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine. We all know that too much alcohol can cause alcohol poisoning. It also robs our skin of much needed moisture, impairing collagen production even more, making us look older than our age.

Dry brushing is an excellent routine to get into. Its benefits include detoxification of the body, improvement in circulation, and tightening of the epidermis, that physically reduces visible signs of cellulite, making skin appear smoother. To do: buy a good quality soft, natural bristle brush. Always brush towards the heart. Pay special attention to problem areas such as thighs, hips and buttocks where cellulite tends to accumulate the most. Follow that by a cool shower, not hot as hot water dries out skin. Use exfoliating glove to further invigorate your skin. Apply coconut oil to moisturize your skin, make it glow and make it smell wonderful.

Making a paste of equal amounts of coffee grounds and a massage oil makes great body scrub, but a word of caution on that: coffee grounds clog up pipes, they do not dissolve, make sure you use very fine mesh drain basket to catch the coffee grounds. Don’t wash them down the drain. I throw my coffee grounds in the garbage.

Watch this video by Healthy Living for more great tips on how to reduce cellulite naturally. Enjoy.

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