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Welcome to my blog. I am going to share some of the rejuvenating ideas that I have tried over time and hopefully give some helpful tips on what it takes to get youthful skin. I guess we all want to look younger judging by what is going on in Hollywood and media. How can we resist, when the society has become obsessed with youthful look, doing whatever it takes (within individual budget) to reverse skin aging?

Once upon a time

I used to think we should  age  gracefully. Now that I am  older and see pictures of 70+ aged actresses  trying to look 20, I thought that’s it!! Forget about being graceful!! Tell  me how to reverse age naturally or with a little extra help. I live in an old house, and I fix it, replace broken items, fix plumbing, paint walls, replace floor coverings, etc. If I fix my house, don’t I deserve to  “fix” myself even more??? My answer is a resounding YES!!  Check out  my

Tips on anti aging

pink toothbrush dental care
Good dental hygiene is essential

Good dental care and hygiene is a must.  White smile boosts your confidence. Dental care prevents infections. Interesting fact: the founder of Woolworth’s (that ultimately became Walmart) after a number of changes, died of an infection that was caused by extremely poor dental hygiene. Isn’t that interesting?  Here is a very inexpensive home made whitening toothpaste: mix equal amounts of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Baking soda gently removes stains , while hydrogen peroxide kills germs and bacteria in the mouth. Swab hydrogen peroxide on your teeth (without swallowing) instead of mouthwash. So inexpensive, and when you see your dentist you won’t need to have your teeth scaled, they will be that clean. How cool is that?

Good skin care of the body is also an essential part of staying youthful. You will just love the following natural body scrub: mix equal parts of honey and brown sugar. Scrub your face as well as the body. Honey nourishes skin and makes it silky soft, while brown sugar scrubs dead layers off. It’s an amazing scrub and so much cheaper than anything store bought that’s full of chemicals that are bad for your skin. And it tastes good! Not that you would want to eat it…….:)

Watch for more blogs to follow.  In the meantime, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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I live in Canada. It is my favorite place to live. I enjoy traveling and seeing the world, but it's always nice to come home. Reading and fitness are some of my other passions. Developing my online business has recently become a new passion. My niche is rejuvenation. My website deals with many different aspects of rejuvenation such as anti aging skin care, body care, various cosmetic procedures and health and fitness. All of these factors play a role in achieving the youthful look we all strive for.

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