Homemade rejuvenating face mask

Facial mask is one of the many age-defying treatments available to us to keep us younger looking and refreshed. It also happens to be a very economical way of pampering your complexion. Try these, rejuvenating diy face masks:

lemon mask recipe
Lemon mask recipe

Mix the juice of one lemon and 1/4 cup olive oil or sweet almond oil. It exfoliates and moisturizes your skin.

Gently spread mayonnaise over your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Wipe off with tissue, and rinse with warm water. Lemon in the mayonnaise will make your face feel clean and smooth.

Skin nourishing

Mash a medium-sized ripe banana into a smooth paste. Gently spread over your face and neck. Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes, rinse off with cool water. You can also mix in 1/4 cup plain yogurt and 2 tablespoons honey. This mask will moisturize your skin and leave it looking and feeling softer. It’s an all- natural homemade mask good enough to eat,  🙂

Skin tightening benefit

Beat egg white until very stiff. Apply to your entire face, including under eye area, and neck. Rinse off after about 15 minutes. Great skin tightener and pore minimizer.

How to apply

  •        Pull your hair off your face with a head band
  •        Wash your face with non-drying cleanser and pat dry
  •        Apply mask, and leave on for 10-20 minutes
  •        Cover your eyes with witch hazel dampened cotton pads
  •        Rinse thoroughly with warm water
  •        Apply good quality anti-oxidant rich, anti-aging cream
  •        Make sure to test small patch of skin for possible irritations

Why waste your money on expensive treatments when you can treat yourself to a soothing homemade facial mask? Your refrigerator is full of wonderful all-natural ingredients that can give you a great youthful glow.

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