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Watching late night infomercials about facial wands and anti aging creams got me thinking about all the different procedures and tools that are available to keep our skin looking younger as long as possible.  Being informed about what can be done is a good way to stay on the path of health and well being, that is so important as we get older.

How to use it

This skin smoothing device is designed for home use. It can be applied in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  Apply it by massaging your face with very gentle pressure so as not to pull your skin. Massage in upward strokes, outwards and in small circular motions. Your face is going to feel tiny little oxygen bubbles that give a very pleasant tingling sensation. You control the level of heat by adjusting the dial on the bottom of the hand piece. Set it a level comfortable for you. Make sure that your electrode stays in contact with your skin at all times. If you wish to change sides, just put your finger on the electrode until it’s in contact with it again. The same thing when you first plug it in and apply to your face. This device should only be used for 15 minutes at a time. Apply it for 5 minutes each on left and right hand side and on your neck, under chin and along jawline for best results.

D'Arsonval high frequency
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What is it?

D’Arsonval is a high frequency tool that is comprised of 4 glass electrodes (Mushroom, Spoon, Rod, Comb) and a hand unit. Glass electrodes which are filled with neon or argon gas transmit a mild high frequency electrical current to the skin. Relax, it will not electrocute you! It produces ozone, which smells like air after the rain. This infuses skin with oxygen molecules encouraging blood flow and lymphatic drainage. It can be safely used every day, or every other day for 4 weeks with two weeks off. Glide electrodes gently over the skin. Cream may be applied to the skin ( argan or coconut oil work great) however, alcohol based products are not recommended to use with D’Arsonval device.


  • Encourages production of collagen and elastin to smooth away wrinkles
  • Oxygen supplementation for cells increasing blood flow to the skin
  • Reduction of bacteria
  • Reduction of acne (distance of 1mm from the skin creates electrical arc of ionized air)
  • Oxygenation of the skin reduces cellulite
  • Aids in product absorption by the skin
  • Encourages hair growth by stimulating hair follicle
  • Saves money on expensive spa sessions.

Contra indications

D’Arsonval high frequency device should not be used by people with cancer, infectious disease, nervous disorders, drugs, pregnancy, blood pressure problems, heart disease, pacemakers, hemophilia, thrombosis, cuts and abrasions, metal fillings, pins or plates, skin disorders and sunburn. Consult a dermatologist if in doubt about any conditions.

In conclusion

D’Arsonval is a great non-invasive alternative to expensive procedures. Daily application provides cumulative long term results.  This is a reputable company that will deliver to your door, within days. They will also replace any faulty attachments too! I highly recommend it, and use it myself.

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