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This is a review of a fat eliminating massager. If you want to, lose tummy fat fast, read on. As time goes by, it gets more difficult to keep a flat tummy and youthful physique. While having a regular fitness routine helps for sure, a fat removing gadget comes in handy.

Due to hormonal changes, and sometimes a lack of motivation to work out, fat likes to settle around your midsection and thighs, known as middle-age-spread. This lovely little device will help you turn back the time, and regain some of your lost youthful shape.

What it is

This device looks and feels a lot like an electric sander….Lol. Its motor rotates just like a sander, but it feels much nicer!!! No scratchy sandpaper! It has ergonomic, pretty powerful 25W motor, with variable speed, easy to control with just a turn of the dial on top of the unit. Higher speed gives a deeper massage. It comes with 3 attachments. Here is a brief description of their purpose:

  • Smooth attachment: Good stress reliever, can be used on the neck, at lower speed
  • Wave attachment: Deep tissue massage, improves blood flow and oxygenation
  • Ball attachment: Great for oil massage, and aids in application and absorption of beauty products
  • Protective cloth cover is designed to keep hair from getting into the motor. It can be left on while unit is in use. It makes massager easier to glide over the body. Do not leave it on with ball attachment.
  • To remove an attachment, pry your finger under the notch on the rotator and push it up
  • All plastic attachments are easy to clean with just hot water and air dry


Massage how-to

  • Run the device back and forth in long sideways strokes across the tummy
  • Use long up and down strokes along the sides and front and back of thighs and arms
  • Apply circular motions to hips and buttocks



While there is a debate whether massaging fat really works, I find from my own experience that it really helps flatten belly, and sculpt a smoother body by mobilizing dormant fat and getting rid of it. Length of time massager should be used for is also up for a debate. My own preference is 5 minutes per section. However, do whatever feels right for you personally. You may increase the time up to 30 minutes, but as long as it seems to be working for you, you should be fine. You are the best judge of what is sufficient time for you to get maximum benefits.

Another tip: If you have any body aches and pain, apply this massager directly to the affected area and voila! Your pain is gone! Really! This is an effective, economical device. Try it for yourself and let us know your opinion.


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