Facial fillers side effects

cosmetic procedure syringI recently came across an article titled “Cosmetic fillers can cause blindness”.  Needless to say, it is an attention grabbing title. It’s always prudent to get as much information as possible about various youth enhancing procedures and their possible side effects.

While FDA approved facial fillers for mid-face application (marionette lines and around the mouth), it has become a common practice to inject forehead and the eye area to smooth out the wrinkles for a rejuvenated appearance. Now, there are a number of blood vessels around the eyes, and on occasion, although very rare, the filler can accidentally enter the eye artery, blocking the blood supply, causing eye injury, or even worse: blindness.

Minimize your risk

There are many anti-aging products, creams and serums containing skin tightening ingredients, which are discussed within Rejuvenating Strategies. Instead of going the pricey invasive procedure route, opt for a non-invasive home device discussed in some articles here. They stimulate collagen and elastin production without the risk of injury or blindness.

Ask your skin care professional the following questions:
• What fillers are available? Some are longer lasting than others
• What are possible negative side effects?
• How often do you need to have the procedure repeated?
• Ask to see before and after pictures of patients that have had procedure done
• How do you care for your skin following the procedure?
Always do your due diligence when it comes to choosing a good doctor for any procedure. Doctors are not all created equal. Make sure any doctor you may want to visit is registered with College of physicians and Surgeons. Be wary of a doctor that pushes procedures. He is the professional, and should give you advice that is right for you, not beneficial to his wallet. You’ve seen faces of Hollywood stars that have fish lips and pillow cheeks. No one thinks that is attractive, so practice moderation. You want to look younger, not puffed up.

A little bit of time spent researching, is well worth your safety.

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