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Facial peel is one of the cosmetic treatments available if you want to “rejuvenate your

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facial skin”. Depending on the strength of the chemical solution applied, it can peel the top, or superficial layer of the skin down to deeper levels of epidermis and dermis to reveal a brighter, younger looking skin. Facial peel, as the name implies, is mostly used to treat facial skin. A word of advice: consult with a professional, to determine if this procedure is appropriate for your needs and skin condition, and to explain to the dermatologist what you expect to gain from the procedure.

Professional treatment is highly recommended, as there could be very unpleasant side effects if incorrectly or too high a concentration is applied. Professional treatment will give a longer lasting effect, since clinical strength peels have a higher concentration of Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids. This article is about home facial peels that should only be used for “maintenance” purposes between the doctor’s visits.

What does chemical peel do?

Facial peel is used to treat fine to deeper wrinkles, acne, damage caused by photo aging (too much sun exposure), skin cancer, scars, and skin discoloration due to aging, to name a few. A word of caution: for deep peel, anything above 30% strength should be doctor administered. That being said, there are light (10%-30%), and medium (40%-50%) peels available to try in the privacy of your home providing your skin is healthy. Mature skin would require a higher concentration.

Two Types of facial Peels

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Salicylic Acid is derived from the willow bark, same as aspirin. As you know, aspirin has been used for centuries in treatment of pain and fever. It was only recently that a synthesized version of salicylic had been applied to cosmetic purposes in Salicylic facial peel. This peel comes in three strengths: 10%=light peel, 20%=medium peel and 30%=deep strength. It is able to penetrate deeper into the skin As always, consult your dermatologist before embarking on any home application of the product, especially the deep peel.

Glycolic Acid peel is the gentler peel, with very few to no side effects. It is a chemical exfoliant, naturally found in sugar beets, sugar cane and unripe grapes. It is for this reason that a lot of anti-aging products include grape seed oil.  It dissolves the uppermost layer of the epidermis, exposing new skin.


Benefits of facial peel:

  • Encourages natural collagen production for a polished youthful glow
  • Exfoliates dead skin to remove fine lines and wrinkles
  • Deep cleans pores, beneficial to acne prone and oily skin
  • Collagen production will plump up your face giving it a smoother look

Preparation steps:

  • Exfoliate skin with light strength exfoliator
  • Apply facial peel to face according to manufacturer’s directions. Make sure to follow exactly as directed. No alterations.
  • Apply appropriate nourishing Hyaluronic moisturizer to protect the newly exposed skin
  • Facial skin is very sensitive to the sun after peel. Make sure that you apply an SPF 30+ rejuvenating cream EVERY time you go outside to protect the newly exposed skin. Remember, it was too much sun exposure that brought on the wrinkles.


How often to apply:

Use exfoliator daily. Apply light and medium facial peel every two to three weeks to keep skin renewed. Use sunblock daily, as the new skin tends to be sun sensitive. Deep peel should only be used on dermatologist’s advice. Always follow manufacturer’s directions, no exceptions or altering.


Chemical peels may not be recommended for: dark complexion, people with red hair and light complexion, scar tissue (deep scars), pregnancy/breast feeding, skin pigmentation and acne. These conditions should always be left up to the professional. Once again, remember to discuss facial peel with your dermatologist BEFORE going ahead on your own.


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