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Citrus Epsom saltsHave you ever asked this question: What is Epsom salts? Contrary to its name that implies it is some kind of salt, Epsom salt is a naturally occurring mineral compound, made up of two minerals: magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium plays a very important role of regulating the enzyme activity in your body.

Sulfate is needed for formation of brain tissue and joint proteins and strengthening of digestive tract wall.
Epsom salts derives its name from its place of origin. This bitter saline spring was first discovered in the 17th century in Epsom, England, hence the name. It was discovered way back then, that the spring had anti-inflammatory properties and was a well visited spa back then. It is also beneficial for psoriasis and eczema. A word of caution: People with high blood pressure and diabetes should not use Epsom salts.
This is as factual as this blog is going to get on this subject, lol. Epsom is used as a household cleaner, tile cleaner, body and facial care, pedicure, hair volumizer, it’s hard to imagine it is just one product used in so many different ways.

Many uses of Epsom

Epsom is easily absorbed through skin which makes it ideal for use in bath. Just add a cup or two to warm bath water, but adjust for tub size. For extra spa-like experience Epsom comes in Eucalyptus, Lavender and Citrus fragrance. My personal favorite is Citrus. It smells just like lemons and oranges. Wonderful. Make sure the water is just warm. If it’s too hot, it will strip your skin of its precious natural protective oils. Soak in this mineral-rich bath 3 times a week, about 12-15 minutes for a smooth skin. Rinse the salt off, then pat dry, and apply a good quality moisturizer, olive, argan or coconut oil to lock in the moisture.Citrus coconut scrub
Alternatively, you can use Epsom in a shower as well, (my personal preference). Massage wet skin with handful of Epsom salts. Salt crystals exfoliate dead skin cells, and detoxify, for a smooth, silky skin.
To add bounce and volume to your hair add equal parts of conditioner and Epsom, then apply to your hair. Leave on for about 20 minutes then rinse. Minerals will help repair and strengthen your hair, as well as take out the frizz. Citrus fragrance will make your hair smell heavenly.
Body scrub recipe: Combine 1 cup Epsom with about ¼ cup olive, argan , almond, or coconut oil. Use it on your body, face and heels. I like to transfer a small amount of mixture into a pretty glass jar and keep it in my shower ready to use. My favorite citrus fragrance is a real pick-me-upper.

Now that you see how useful and versatile Epsom salt is, I hope you will try it, and enjoy its many benefits.


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