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Botox Review

Botox demystified

smooth forehead and eyes
Botox effect

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of botox? I seriously doubt it. Although this is a relatively new procedure, it has become such commonly used cosmetic application that many individuals are aware of it. It goes without saying, that before getting the procedure done, a talk with a cosmetic doctor is going to take place. He or she is an excellent source of the ins and outs of getting botox Continue reading Botox Review

Hair growth product review- Provillus

Provillus is amazing

One of the problems of aging for a lot of people is thinning hair, or worse yet, hair loss. While it is more common in men, when it happens to  women, it is more traumatic, our hair is our crowning glory, after all.  Time was when we would just have to accept thinning hair as a fact of life. Continue reading Hair growth product review- Provillus

Facial Rejuvenation Devices- About IPL

While visible signs of aging are inevitable, there is much that can be done to minimize their


effects on our skin.  There are two types of aging: Internal aging which is due to collagen production decline that starts to take place in our 30’s, and slows down progressively as we age. Continue reading Facial Rejuvenation Devices- About IPL