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Our bodies are subjected to environmental pollutants, industrial chemicals, genetically and chemically altered food, and a host of other unhealthy influences on a daily basis. Add to this mix “soft” drinks loaded with sugar, which we all know is harmful to our bodies, or worse yet, “diet” drinks containing toxic aspartame or cyclamates, stress of daily living, rushing around on tight schedules, irregular meals, and what have we got? We’ve got a body full of toxins that we need to take care of and give it a chance to repair, rejuvenate and detoxify. Before you go jump off a bridge, read on, there is much we can do to reverse the negative effects of the modern lifestyle.

All natural body cleanse, as the name implies, detoxifies, cleanses and restores body’s healthy balance. Our lungs, liver, kidneys, intestines, and colon are our body’s system of ridding itself of harmful toxins. So it makes sense that if these systems are not taken care of, or if they are burdened with too much waste, they will not perform at their optimal levels of keeping our bodies in good health. What should you be looking for in a body cleanse? All natural herbal body cleanse should contain the following ingredients: Antioxidants to help improve liver cells and bile production; diuretics to flush out and improve kidney function; gentle, natural laxatives to clean out gut and intestines; blood purifiers to naturally purify blood and strengthen immune system.

How often should cleanse be performed? It all depends on your individual preference. My personal choice is to cleanse twice a year. I do one in January to make up for my Xmas indulgences and get my digestive tract prepared  for the winter ahead, and June cleanse to get a nice, clean, toxin free body so that  summer fruits and veggies can do their “magic” to rev up metabolism and supply body with healthy nutrients. I like to do a parasite cleanse in the fall, and liver cleanse at the beginning of winter. I think body cleansing should be an ongoing process.

What to expect?  Depending on how toxic a body is, signs that cleanse is working can range from more intense to not so intense.  The more toxic the body, the more intense the cleansing reaction,  and vice versa. You will visit the washroom more often, your stomach will be making loud noises, meaning that the toxins are being stirred up, but most of all you will definitely feel a lightening inside as if a load has been taken off (which, by the way, it has been). Body cleansing is an essential part of purging toxic elements from within and for our overall good health. Cleansing is a way of restoring our bodies back to its more natural state.




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