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You use various facial creams and cleansers in your daily skin care routine. You know their purpose and benefits, but do you know this: how much product is enough? If you use too much, you are wasting your money by purchasing the products more often. Use too little, and you miss out on full benefits

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of active ingredients in your chosen skin care products. Here is a short guide on how much product to use for maximum benefits.
Facial scrub: Just a dab will do. Choose scrub that has smooth, round beads to protect your skin from getting scratched. Apply dab between your moistened fingers, and gently apply to your face. If you use too much, your skin will feel dry and irritated. If you use too little, really not a problem.
Cleanser: Gel or cream only needs a dime size; foam cleanser, only take one pump. If you use too much, there is no harm, but also, there is no benefit to using more. If you don’t use enough, you will leave dirt and makeup on, and will get clogged pores.
Moisturizer: Nickel sized amount is sufficient for the entire face. Too much product will give you a shiny skin, and leave it feeling heavy. Too little product will give you a tight skin, that’s not properly hydrated.
Retinoids: A dab for the whole face. Add more if needed. Too much will cause dryness and peeling skin. Too little, and it will take longer to see good results.
Serum: You only need a pea size of this enriched ingredients product for exfoliation and hydration. Too much will just have product left on the skin. Too little of the product will not give you best effects of the concentrated active ingredient.
Here is how I apply beauty products to my face: I dab small amount on most problematic areas first and gently spread it outward. Once that’s done, I put a little bit between my fingers to warm it up then gently apply it in upwards and outward motion. I can literally feel my skin going: “ahhhh, this is nice”. It only takes a few minutes to be kind to your face. Aren’t you worth it?

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