Are steroids dangerous?

bodybuilderWe live in youth-obsessed society. A toned, strong, muscular body without a question gives the appearance of youth. But ……is youthful appearance true or just a dangerous illusion?

I will say right up front, that I am not a proponent of attaining youthful image with steroids. You are a smart dude capable of making a smart decision, not an emotional one at the expense of your health.

Why are steroids dangerous?
Anabolic steroid is synthetic substance that acts like testosterone. They were first used by weightlifters and bodybuilders to increase strength. They seemingly improved body appearance and certainly enhanced athletic performance. Due to these attributes, they soon became very popular in competitive amateur and professional sports.
It became easy to tell who is using steroids. You know what I am talking about; the athlete that resembles a hulk more than a human. They are strong, extremely muscular and seemingly invincible. Or are they? It turns out abnormally high levels of testosterone cause some very unpleasant and fatal side effects:
• Liver damage
• High cholesterol and blood pressure
• Heart failure
• Acne and baldness
• Aggressive/violent behavior
• Testes shrinkage

Is it any wonder they are banned in highly competitive athletic sports? Naturally, non-steroid muscular athlete doesn’t stand a chance against the artificially, steroid-enhanced “athlete”. That’s like comparing apples and oranges. The problem is, not every steroid-taking athlete gets caught. Testing is random.
Athletes who paid the ultimate price

pills injections
Steroids come in pill form, by injection or cream

The following high profile wrestling stars all died of heart attack, heart failure and enlarged heart, all between the ages 35-46: Andre the Giant, Brian Pillman, Ravishing Rick Rude, David Smith, Chris Benoit. Death at age 46, of heart attack in an athlete is indefensible.
The oldest were Macho Man Randy Savage in 2011 at age 58 and most recently, Ultimate Warrior this last April at age 54. Both had heart problems. The list is longer, I only mentioned a few very high profiled professionals. May they all rest in peace, but those deaths were preventable.
Anabolic steroids are banned by all amateur and professional sports organizations. Still, with all this knowledge of the dangers, athletes take them to gain competitive edge. Do you think a gold medal is worth a life???? You decide.

Beneficial steroid applications
Steroids administered by doctors, in proper doses, are beneficial for certain conditions such as delayed puberty, impotence, and to build muscle in HIV patients whose muscles are wasting away due to compromised immune system. Those are prescribed in proper dosage and are beneficial to the patients. It is the dangerously high levels taken  via illegal channels that are wreaking havoc in the lives of young athletes, hungry for fame and fortune.

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