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Internet is vast. There are countless lotions, potions, devices and procedures available to choose from. The purpose of my, anti aging  product reviews, is to narrow down this huge pool of information into more manageable segments and insight into what different products and devices are about. Their benefits and contra indications, if any.

Welcome to my anti aging product review page. I hope the information contained within these pages is going to help you in choosing products that are going to be beneficial to your health and a sense of well being that comes from knowing you are doing your best, to look your best.

Feel free to leave  comments or requests  for future device reviews.


4 thoughts on “My Reviews

  1. Hey there Gordi,
    Great beginnings here on your product review page… very clean and capturing. Where does one get these products?
    Also like your full width header… very nice, colorful and clean appearance!
    All in all, nice site!!!

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. I am in the process of adding a store my website. Want to be sure I add useful items, pertaining to my theme, that will be useful to my visitors. Trying to have it set up by next weekend, keep checking in.

  2. Are you aware of anything that helps with veins? My girlfriend has some lazered and some injected since they were getting larger and darker. I was wondering if you knew of a cream that would help with this?

    1. There are a few things she can do such as use compression stockings, leg exercises to improve circulation, elevate her legs, massage. There are creams as well, but I am not a doctor, it’s hard for me to suggest a course of treatment. I would suggest that she speak to the professional that used laser. He will know her history much better than me.

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