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If you are anything like me, you have no doubt tried many procedures and countless classic ageless faceproducts to keep yourself ageless. You are well aware that much can be done to achieve the desirable youthful appearance, but have you ever wondered about the process of facial aging? I think probably not.

                                                                   3 stages of aging

1. Skin: Changes to facial skin start by appearance of brown spots and skin discoloration well known as age spots. As previously mentioned in other articles, collagen depletion accelerates by our mid-thirties. Once collagen depletion happens at a faster rate than replenishment, wrinkles and fine lines start to appear.
2. Fat distribution: As we age, another occurrence that happens is loss of fat, which give appearance of a flattening of the mid face. In other words, we lose that youthful plumpness of cheeks. Have you noticed Hollywood stars that are parading around their super puffy cheeks? That’s just a ridiculous, over the top attempt to regain youthful face.
3. Bone structure changes: They are inevitable with age. What happens as we age, is, bone structure increases in some areas, and decreases in others, which in turn leads to changes in facial structure making jawline wider, the opposite of the inverted pyramid shape of the younger face.

Understanding this process will help you in deciding what anti-aging strategies to use in attaining that ageless look. Instead of resorting to a full (and very expensive and invasive face lift), your choices include laser and light rejuvenating devices, injectables, and dermal fillers to add volume. With new facial procedures coming onboard every year, it is becoming much easier to attain a more youthful, but natural look. Please understand that fish lips and pillow cheeks are aging, not making a person younger looking. Just look at some pictures of Hollywood stars that have gone over the top with facial procedures. You will understand what I mean.

Always have a discussion with your cosmetic practitioner about what is the right application for your own needs and wants. That will give you best results without looking artificial.

Avoid toxic chemicals

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