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Cellfood supplement by Lumina
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Rejuvenation isn’t just about looking good on the outside. We also age at a cellular level, meaning our cells get damaged by constant attack by free radicals. Over a period of time, cells get less efficient at fighting the free radicals and less able to renew and repair themselves. So, can you see the importance of what you put into your amazing body?

The reason I say amazing, is because after attending a Bodyworlds exhibit in my city, a couple of months back, I got a very detailed look and explanations as to the inner workings of  human body: how our bodies function and age from the beginning to the very end of life, and it truly is an amazing process. One of my favorite anti-aging components include Cellfood supplement.

So, what is Cellfood? You need to know that diseases, viruses, bacteria and fungus thrive in low oxygen environment. Cellfood is an oxygen and nutrient supplement whose water splitting technology supplies bio-available oxygen. This oxygen enriched supplement is delivered to every single cell in the body. Cellfood is colloidal and negatively charged, just like the blood and lymph fluid,and has the ability to move through the cell walls supplying cells and body with all the vital nutrients it needs at a cellular level. It is comprised of 78 micro-ionic colloidal minerals, 17 amino-acids, and 34 plant enzymes.

Cellfood Benefits

  • Oxygenates and feeds all body cells
  • Enhances nutrient absorption and metabolism
  • Detoxifies the body by oxidizing and eliminating toxins
  • Improves function of cells and internal organs
  • Normalizes body’s acid/base balance

Disease causing free radicals are positively charged ions of oxygen. Cellfood is made up of negatively charged ions of oxygen. When negatively charged Cellfood ions attach to positively charged ions in the free radicals, they form very beneficial stabilized oxygen. This process in turn makes you healthy, youthful and full of energy.

How to use it

Add 8 drops to distilled water 3 times daily. It’s that simple. You can also add it to natural juices, but distilled water is better. This supplement is a must for anyone that is interested in getting and  staying healthy! Here is to your health.

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